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morning repositioner

When wearing a dental sleep appliance to treat snoring and obstructive sleep apnea, there is the possibility that your lower jaw may feel more comfortable remaining forward during the day. To help return your lower jaw to its original position, it is recommended that you clench your teeth together to strengthen the muscles. To simplify the exercise, Strong Dental has developed the Morning Repositioner: a simple dental appliance that fits on your lower teeth.

Designed by Patrick J. Strong, the Morning Repositioner helps in minimizing the possibility of forward jaw movement. The Morning Repositioner is worn for only ten minutes after waking and can conveniently be done while showering or doing other routine tasks. To achieve the full benefits of the Morning Repositioner, clench or chew up and down as often as possible and hold for as long as is comfortable. These effortless clenches will aid in lessening the chances of permanent advancement of your lower jaw.

Every SUAD™ Device and TSA fabricated comes packaged with a Morning Repositioner at no additional charge. The Morning Repositioner can be used with any dental sleep appliance; therefore, if you are not using The SUAD™ Device or the TSA, you can still benefit from the Morning Repositioner, simply ask your dental sleep appliance provider or visit the Contact Us page to obtain more information.

Morning Repositioner Clenching Exercises

Given the fact that the Morning Repositioner is a hands-free device, an ideal suggestion would be to utilize the appliance while going about your normal morning routine, such as taking a shower. In order to be proactive and help minimize the risk of permanent posturing forward, it is strongly recommended that you perform these clenching exercises each and every morning upon removal of your dental sleep appliance. It is important not to chew or grind on the appliance as this will harm the material and not achieve the desired effect.

  1. Upon removal of either sleep appliance (The SUAD™ Device or TSA), place the Morning Repositioner onto your lower teeth.
  2. Place the tip of your tongue as far back on the roof of your mouth as you can. While the tongue is in this position, close down onto the Morning Repositioner.
  3. Keeping your mouth firmly closed in this position, you can now relax your tongue.
  4. Clench as firmly as you can and hold this clench until it becomes uncomfortable to do so. Please note that it is expected that you will feel some discomfort in the musculature as this is normal.
  5. When you can no longer stand the discomfort, release the pressure slightly while trying to slide your lower jaw further back. Once again, clench as hard and as long as you can.
  6. After performing a couple of clenching exercises, it is recommended that you open your mouth as wide as you can and wiggle your lower jaw from side to side to help relax the musculature. Repeat steps 2 through 5 time permitting, ideally these clenching exercises should be performed for about ten minutes, every morning.

morning repositioner
morning repositioner
morning repositioner
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